Rachael has occasionally written blogs for AT&T Fan Zone, since September 2009, and has also blogged for her official Facebook page. Below are excerpts from her entries:


November 29, 2013
Thanksgiving with the Flatts
We had a fantastic dinner of turkey, chicken, three types of potatoes, stuffing, salad, and pumpkin cheesecake with some neighbors back in San Diego - it was a blast catching up with everyone and sleeping a little too well after that feast! There was a lot of Catch Phrase played, football watched, and old embarrassing stories told that need to be forgotten (but always have a way of coming up). The dogs got their share of turkey and a little gravy as well, so they got to enjoy the festivities too! »

October 20, 2013
Catching Up
I'm four weeks into my Junior year on the Farm after spending my summer in Colorado interning at the Olympic Training Center, and I can't really say that things are looking to calm down anytime soon! Here's the top 5 whirlwind trip of my first month back on campus »


January 2, 2010
The Holidays

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was awesome! We had some friends visit from Connecticut for a few days, and we had a few people over for Christmas Eve. The food was absolutely incredible!! Compliments to the chef (my mom) because the meals were exceptional! We had some great tenderloin, roasted vegetables, and some marvelous desserts (I was good and only had one!). »


December 3, 2009
Cup of China

So I am finally home from both of my Senior Grand Prix, and I am pleased with how things went. In China, I did not compete as well as I had trained, so that was disappointing. I certainly learned how to deal with situations that I was not quite comfortable in, but now I know how to be myself and trust my training a little bit more. It was a great learning experience, as is any competition, but I try to learn the most from my mistakes. »


November 29, 2009
Thanksgiving with the Flatts

Hi guys, thanks for checking back for more blogs. While I have time off for Thanksgiving, I thought I would give you all a quick glimpse of Thanksgiving at the Flatt house. Here is a look at our typical Thanksgiving celebration! Right now I am having an amazing breakfast of french toast and fresh fruit, absolutely delicious. I can't wait to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC! We watch it every year. »


November 6, 2009
College Roadtrip!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my college road trip this week and I'm sad that it's coming to a close. I certainly figured out what I want out of my college education and experience which is very exciting! So here are my notes! Enjoy »


November 6, 2009
And Fall Begins

My mom and I just arrived into Albany and are heading to my dad's apartment. He has an apartment on the East Coast because of his job as a biochemical engineer! He commutes back and forth between our home in Colorado Springs and Boston, so I don't see him every day but my mom and I are both very excited to see him all of this week! »


September 14, 2009
Saleswoman, California & the beach

I just had a competition in LA called Golden West at the rink in Culver City. It was a great weekend not only because I skated well, but because I was able to go to the beach every day and hang out for a little while! I miss California a lot (since we used to live there), but it was nice to get back to Colorado Springs to train and get caught up on homework. Well, we are now on our way to the hotel, so I'm going to sign off! »


August 1, 2009
Writing from my new AT&T Blackberry

I'm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this week for a high altitude training camp! It has been so much fun! I have been doing lots of programs, but I'm getting a lot of quality training time in. My coaches, Tom and Becky, have been pushing us incredibly hard and its totally worth it! Unfortunately, I have been utterly exhausted at the end of every day, so I know I'm working hard! »


May 9, 2009
As school winds down, I'm checking in

I really enjoyed skating in Southern California again, the fans were fabulous, and it was great to catch up with friends from San Diego while we were in Los Angeles. Dorothy Hamill came to LA as well and she was so inspirational and insightful as to what it is like to compete at a World Championship. I can't thank Dorothy enough for taking time out of her busy schedule and supporting me at my first Worlds! We had a "Project Runway" moment as well in LA as my Dad met Nick Verreos from Season Two when we were walking back to the hotel after the ladies event concluded on Saturday night. Pretty Cool! »


March 31, 2009
Thank you for your support

I just finished competing at the 2009 World Championships in Los Angeles, where I finished in fifth place. My goal for Worlds was to put together two solid programs for a top 10 finish. Coming in fifth surpassed my expectations so I am very happy. Hopefully I will be able to do even better next year. »