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December 1, 2007

Hey everyone,

Just grabbing a chance to type a little something in between all of my studying for some test at school! Can I tell you all something? High school life is amazing! It is a workout just to get from one hallway to another! And of course, I feel like a midget again! 

Well, you might know that I've been to two Junior Grand Prix, one in Lake Placid and one in Croatia. Those trips were adventures! 

After Croatia, I was sped off onto another journey to another country! Japan was SWEET!!!! LOL!!! Thank you to all the Japanese fans who gave Team USA their support! 

Afterwards, Thanksgiving just popped out of nowhere, and we celebrated, of course, by eating turkey and in my case, lots of ice cream and cake! 

And now we come to today! Since JGP Final is coming up, I am off to Poland tomorrow! Bring your umbrellas everyone and bundle up because it is freezing in Poland! (not like CA)

:) Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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