Binky’s Blog: Here it is: the Johnny news you need now!

(1) A fantastic announcement from Artistry on Ice, courtesy of lovely Chinese Panda Haohewuyin:

Artistry On Ice 2014 declares that @JohnnyGWeir will perform a new number called “When Love Fades Away” with Zhao. @JohnnyGWeir will be YuJi (the king’s lover), and Zhao Hongbo will be BaWang (the king). “When the Love Fades Away” is the theme song in movie “Farewell My Concubine.”


The announcement also got a writeup on China Ice, which says (very very roughly translated):

Since the inaugural 2010 [Artistry on Ice] show, Johnny Weir has always come every summer and met fans in China as promised. This year he will be paired with a mystery guest…

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