Falls Church News-Press: …2013 had many highs and lows, as per usual, but I suppose the most important things to realize are what each year does to us on a personal level.

I can say that 2013 was a mighty year of change for me. I hired and fired, I closed the chapter of my life that included competing in the Olympics, and I opened a whole window of opportunity and work for myself. On a professional level, I can’t say that I had the most successful year ever. But it’s rare, I suppose, to change essentially everything about your work life and become an immediate success.

Looking back on 2013, my main take-away is that I was fearless when it came to continuing my life’s work and forging ahead in new directions but, much like the security blanket that gets taken away from most people when they’re 5 or 6, I miss my life as an Olympic athlete and constantly training for one event. I miss it a lot. In some ways I feel like my arms were cut off, leaving the rest of my body to a lifetime impersonation of the Mercedes emblem.

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