WAG Magazine: It was bright and balmy one morning last August outside the Ice House in Hackensack, N.J. But inside the world-class skating facility, Johnny Weir was cold, wet and bruised.

The flamboyant three-time U.S. figure skating champion and two-time Olympian had been training hard, gunning for a third chance to represent this country at the 2014 Winter Games. He was on a strict diet and monastic sleep schedule, practicing toe loops and jumps over and over in twice-daily sessions and working on new programs to highlight his graceful athleticism, theatrical personality and, most likely, a few trademark over-the-top costumes. An extreme fashionisto, both on and off the ice, Weir has a penchant for sequins, lip gloss and Balenciaga bags. He once posed for a photo shoot in six-inch stilettos and gleefully called one of his head-turning skating outfits “a Care Bear on acid.”

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