Falls Church News-Press: Considering that my husband is the offspring of a Soviet immigrant family, and I am the offspring of a whole lot of Western European mutts, we are bound to have extreme differences in taste, attitudes, and interests. Despite the facts that both of us were raised in America and we’ve never enjoyed citizenship to any other nation, we are slowly finding so many things that are weird about one another, due simply to our upbringing.

I enjoy classic Americana, burgers, pizza, fries, shakes, and full-sugar Coca-Cola. He loves shucking sunflower seeds, cold borscht, and anything with enough garlic in it to make vampires stay away for an eternity.

As for hobbies I love fashion design, driving too fast, and practicing hardcore consumerism, while he is obsessed with exclusively the newest electronics, a good air conditioning unit, and chess.

Once you marry someone, you are immediately vice properties to one another. Once you live with someone, you become the keeper of secret behavior that is so strange the circus wouldn’t be able to compete.

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