Falls Church News-Press: A recent obsession of mine is a new television program on Showtime, called “Masters of Sex.” It chronicles the work of a doctor/scientist in the ’50s conducting a “smut”-ridden project to learn about human sexuality and its affects on the body. In addition to being a show filled with personal dramas and intrigue, it also leads viewers to think about their own feelings and strategies when it comes to sex and how they view sex when thinking of other people.

I believe in a scale of sexuality. There are femme men, handsome ladies, and all sorts of personalities in between. I consider myself a pretty open-minded person when it comes to sex and how people engage in it and seek it out. My own escapades have been vastly enjoyable, yet without a lot of wild liberation that seem to be portrayed on television (and comes to our attention when watching an episode of basically any talk show). The wild side is something so common that learning about sexual proclivities isn’t relegated to pornography or dirty magazines, like in the time period of my new favorite show. It’s out in the open, for us all to marvel at.

My husband, in addition to being a very manly man, is somewhat cagey when discussing sex. While we were catching up on a new episode the other night, I started to pry into his personal life from a time before we were married, a time when he was a gay man playing the part of a straight man.

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