Falls Church News-Press: New York Fashion Week is an event quite unlike any other. First and foremost, you have hard-working, genius artists and designers all converging in the same city at the same time. Following the collections of these artists are the world’s press, major editors and shop buyers who all want a piece of the action and to be the first to select what they want for their magazines and boutique windows.

In New York, fashion week is kind of a holiday. For the gentlemen, there are hundreds of six-foot-something, waifish, Bambi-esque models scooting around the city, sometimes in packs. For the rest of us, you’ve got the unmistakable male model and, if that’s not your thing, the art of what’s coming down the runways, flying into town cars and the unforgettable people watching.

The city all but shimmies and lifts her bosom for the fashion set to descend upon her.

At the most recent fashion week, my senses were bombarded by hordes of random people all trying to have their photo made on red carpets, sipping champagne cocktails and maybe seeing a collection or two. If you’ve seen the films “Studio 54″ or “The Hunger Games,” you’ll have some idea as to how competitive people were, simply to enter a show and mingle with the “beautiful people.”

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