Falls Church News-Press: I was always taught that the American dream was to be a member of the home ownership club, to have babies, and to vacation regularly. Owning a home, for a Birkin bag obsessed person like myself, may be something that comes a bit later than normal. I already have a cool job that lets me see the world regularly and slip in some beach or spa time when needed. So I suppose the weirdest idea at the moment is the idea of babies. The recently passed Russian laws concerning gay propaganda targeted at children’s welfare and the law that Americans can no longer adopt orphans from Russia got me thinking – not only about my position as a gay sportsman who regularly performs for Russian children, but also as a future father.

Realizing wholeheartedly that I am a gay man, and that the chances of creating a life the old-fashioned way – through consensual relations with a female – would have a zero possibility of success, I had to start thinking creatively.

Before I was married, I thought primarily of adoption as my means of giving a child a nice, opportunity-filled life. As a Russophile, I have studied the many good things about Russia’s history as well as many bad things including the ongoing struggles of Russia’s orphan community. I thought it only natural that I would one day adopt a Russian girl, bestow upon her a name worthy of a Tsarina, and treat her as the princess she is.

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