Kansas City Star: We have no words to describe what we saw Miley Cyrus do at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, so we’ll just let celebrities on Twitter tell you their thoughts.

“Thanks Miley Cyrus. Now I have to explain to my 11 yr old daughter why she no longer can follow your career.” Country star Josh Gracin.

“I think I’m too old to appreciate the (ahem) new Miley Cyrus….feeling slightly violated…” Melissa Rycroft.

“I think Miley needs a good ol fashion smack in the ass with a wooden spoon by an old Italian lady.” Real Housewife Dina Manzo.

“I’m watching the VMAs and Miley Cyrus has made me so uncomfortable. The WORST thing I have ever seen. Am I too old to understand?” Johnny Weir.

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