Falls Church News-Press: This is a topic that just won’t quit. In the last week we’ve heard from several high-ranking Russian officials that they either will or won’t uphold the ridiculous anti-gay propaganda law. We’ve heard suggestions from Western media and fans of the Olympics of actions as outrageous as banning the host nation of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games from participation or moving the Olympics to its previous host, Vancouver. Through all of this talk, one thing is for certain: Nothing is for certain.

The most recent word from the Russian government is that the anti-gay propaganda law will be upheld during the Games. As crazy as it seems to us as Americans, and to most Western nations, Russia is a sovereign state and has the right in that regard to enforce whatever laws her government chooses. The fact that athletes, fans, and members of the Olympic family could be arrested or deported from Russia for being gay, supporting gays, or wearing the wrong color suspenders, while asinine, is completely within the laws of Russia.

In no way do I defend Russian lawmakers or their government, but as a sovereign nation, Russia, the same as the United States, has the ability to act in accordance with her own set of laws. We committed human rights violations at Guantanamo Bay while the world looked on in fury and, as saddening as it is, Russia has a sovereign ability to repress the LGBT community as she wishes. Many Americans suggest we do something about Russia’s new law, but what can we do? Start a war? The best we can do is show our support for the community, be present at the Games, before and after, and continue to voice our opinions to the world and hope that for Russian citizens, gay or straight, tomorrow will be better than today.

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