Falls Church News-Press: This is my fifth week in a row covering this topic as there is constantly new information to cover and drop an opinion on concerning Russia, its anti-gay propaganda law, and the Olympics.

This week I would like to talk about the most recent events in Russia, the World Track and Field Championships in Moscow, and the inspiring stories to come out of them – as well as my thoughts on the power of the International Olympic Committee.

The International Olympic Committee, or the IOC, is made up by a group of people from all over the world. From the athletes to the coaches and on to the faxers and cubicle workers, all of us sports folk are governed by this non-government super-cloud that dictates what we do, how we do it, and how successful we can be. The International Olympic Committee is not a political party – or it’s not supposed to be – nor is it a group of white-hairs who dictate blindly the ways of world sport. Through the Olympic movement, everyone involved in their success is driven not only by athletic prowess, but also by the thought of a worldwide peacetime and unity.

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