Falls Church News-Press: So that we might succeed in life, there are rules set for us and boundaries explained to us from the time we’re young by the people who have come before us. The advisement usually comes from successful people who have used their wit and determination to achieve greatness in their given field. That advice trickles down to us through television, a drunk uncle, or the leader of whatever place one prays at. Knowing how to separate the positive advice from the useless can be a hard thing for anyone, especially when the advice is coming from a figure of authority like your parents or your boss.

When I was 17, I was enjoying mediocre success at the top international level of figure skating. I was the shiny, new thing among the skating elite and for the first time I was approached by a man who wanted to help manage my career.

The agent came from a prestigious sports agency, with a list of great clients and wonderful credentials. As I was a minor, my mother was included in our discussion. He laid out his list of clients as well as how he’d personally made them huge. Huge may be a mild overstatement here as there are very few “huge” figure skaters in the modern era. In any event, he’d gotten this one a TV show or that one an ad campaign, and he had strict stipulations on what and who I had to be if he was going to lay out his prowess for me.

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