The AustralianJohnny Weir loves Russia – he has a Russian asteroid named after him and a Russianhusband. The American figure skater and a host of other homosexual athletes have no intention of missing Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi next February, even though they will be guinea pigs for Russia’s new anti-gay laws.

Weir, the world bronze medallist figure skater from Newark, Delaware, may find his style cramped in Sochi. Competing at Vancouver in 2010 he wore a black and pink corset accessorised with a Victorian collar and feathered pink cape. Even displaying a rainbow flag will break the rules introduced by President Vladimir Putin to prevent “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”.

While Australia’s gay bars have refused to sell Russian vodka as part of an international protest, athletes who risk fines, jail and deportation have said they won’t change their appearance and will continue to acknowledge their sexuality.

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