Tourisme Montréal: For the third Do Your Thing in MTL video, Johnny Weir-Voronov did what he does best. In sparkly spandex couture, he hit the ice hard and proved that he is more than just a decorated world-class figure skater slash LGBT activist with a pretty face… He’s a small town gay boy who followed his dreams!

Sneaking solo into the Atrium Le 1000 in Montreal, Johnny Weir laces up, strips down, and glides on. It’s just him and the ice. He doesn’t need the crowds, flashing light bulbs, and screaming coaches of the Olympic games to exhibit his raw talent. With nobody watching, his focus is still sharp. You can see on his face that the joy of skating is something found in his DNA. Much like the being gay thing. In a costume so tight, you have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin. And Johnny Weir wears his beautifully.

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