Johnny’s USOC Blog: A question I’m constantly asked is: “How do you pick your music?” Whether it’s a nasal Long Island accent or one from down south, it’s a common question and it’s hard to actually explain the importance of music in my life in the 10 seconds that someone stays interested in the question they’ve asked.

For me, the Olympic dream started with music. I remember very clearly listening to a disk of classical music in the car with my mom and hearing one phrase in a piece that instantly made me think of landing a flawless jump, under the bright lights of the Olympic Winter Games. It was Chopin. The phrase was one that gives me goosebumps to this day and that I can hear in my head without the music actually playing. That musical moment was kismet for my brain reacting to my career. While I didn’t end up using the Chopin piece in either of my Olympic appearances to date, I understood the dreamy imagery that a piece of music can create in a little boy’s head while he’s sitting in his mom’s car getting driven home from the rink.

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