Falls Church News-Press: “I have way too much luggage again.”

I’m standing in a crowded airport terminal waiting to fly from Taipei in Taiwan to Guangzhou in China. The hour is incredible. I keep my sunglasses on to shield myself from camera flashes and someone seeing how tired and black my eyes are. The amount of people in the airport is mind-boggling.

“Aren’t we in global recession? How can this many people afford to fly?”

In any event, I make it through the hordes, through customs, and enter the fancy terminal laid with enough Hermes, Celine, and Hello Kitty for any generation. My mood starts to pick up as I meander towards Starbucks and a reminder of home for my taste buds.

Rolling along at a standard American pace, I suddenly get knocked into a wall and pushed off of, much like an Olympic gymnast’s bouncy vault thingy, by no less than 10 grown men. While I may be crude and foul-mouthed at times, I consider myself a gentleman in most respects so this raucous encounter stabbed my fragility in the heart.

“Where the hell are they going?”

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