Falls Church News-Press: Swallowing a large dose of reality is never fun. It doesn’t matter how young, beautiful, or rich you may be, ultimately there will be things beyond your reach. You’ll want them so desperately, and there’s no way to attain them.

Every reality TV show seems to have that one contestant who looks, with watering eyes, into the camera and says, “I want this so bad.” Five seconds later, we see the young lady or gentleman audition for whatever it is they’re trying to be, and they’re terrible. We all get a good laugh, but think, “we all know how bad they are, but do they know?”

Figure skating is obviously my area of expertise, and I’ve seen hundreds of girls and boys want it so bad. They come to the rink every day and in some cases work harder than their peers who are actually succeeding in the sport — myself included, at times. They’ve started skating practices at age 2, and now at 18 have spent many thousands of dollars of their families’ money, fallen countless times, and placed last in more competitions than anyone in history.

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