Falls Church News-Press: Just a few weeks ago, Nike made the landmark announcement that they would financially back and feature an out member of the LGBT community throughout their universe. In the statements that I read, Nike was fairly clear that they were interested in a professional athlete from a team sport. The fact that they were looking for an out team member didn’t deter me or my fans from making my presence and out-ness known to Nike and if push came to shove, I am a member of the United States Olympic Team.

I see Nike’s announcement as a huge step forward. As LGBT rights are on the chopping block of the Supreme Court in June, it’s no shock that major corporations are looking to support the community as best they can. Whether the decision was made out of the goodness of their hearts, or to protect them from lawsuits concerning discrimination once the LGBT community is considered a protected class, remains to be seen. Either way, Nike will bring other top brands and corporations along for the ride to support the gays.

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