Binky’s Blog: Kayso we have some pics and vid clips from Johnny’s performances this weekend (Yes! It’s Everything You’ve Seen Already! Now In Convenient Blog Form!), but first we have an important Public Service Announcement from the husbands…

As we discussed previously, Johnny is receiving the National Hero Award this coming Sunday, May 19, from the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, a nonprofit LGBT organization in Philadelphia (wanna come? There’s still time to buy tickets to the awards ceremony/brunch/after-party here!).

The DVLF had recently announced that at the event, they’ll also be raffling off a chance to win dinner with Johnny and Victor in NYC. But now—as the husbands tweeted—the DVLF has decided to make the raffle tickets available online. So even if you can’t attend the event, you can still have a shot at winning dinner with the Weir-Voronovs!

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