Falls Church News-PressLast week I started a multi-part series on my journey from anti-social perfectionist to one day becoming patriarch of my married-into family, on my assimilation into an immigrant dynasty. I described the relative ease with which I got to know Baba (grandma) Klukluka and my in-laws, and suggested that my upcoming exploits with Baba Lyuba might be a bit different. To read Привет: Part 1, click here. I promised to continue the story, so here we go:

Baba Lyuba, or Lyubov Borisovna Voronova, is my father-in-law’s mother. She is in all aspects the matriarch of the Voronov clan, whose name I’ve added via hyphen to my last name. Coming from Lvov and ending up in a town just outside Boston must have been a hard thing to do. Lvov, currently a city in Western Ukraine, has been a part of Poland, the Soviet Union, and the Austrian Empire, and was occupied by Germany during the Second Great War. Coming from such a city would lead me to believe that change is an inevitable part of life and adapting for Lyuba should be easier than most of the former Soviet immigrants I’ve encountered in the U.S.

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