Falls Church News-Press: We are often taught to believe that destiny is what we make it. The hard work and the years of dedication to a simple goal can pay off if you believe in it and want it badly enough.

This idea takes me back to when “The Secret” was all the rage. As someone chasing after his dreams, I was constantly gifted the book. I was told it would change my life, and that visualization could and most probably would determine my fate. I can say from personal experience that if you are committed to something, whether it be a marriage, the Olympics, becoming a managing partner at your firm, or even a home owner, it is possible to achieve because you work hard for it. But I have also grown enough to know that the idea that the ability all lies within you is a load of crap.

We rely on people for everything. I’ll choose from my own examples here and discuss home ownership. Unless you’re paying cash that you’ve earned yourself, you rely on others to get you into the home of your dreams.

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