Falls Church News-Press: She grew up in a small town and was destined to be a star. She worked hard; her overbearing stage mother pushed her into every beauty pageant, dance contest, talent show, local carnival, state fair and singing contest that would have her. They did the try-outs, the auditions, the callbacks, and through it all they/she had the dream. One day, she’d make it big, onto television as an actor/singer/dancer. The world seems to be at her fingertips.

Several years later, and she’s still hoofing it, entertaining the masses and getting ready for her big role as pop star. Due to her uncommon common good looks, her wholesome character, and her small-town upbringing, the executives in charge of wrangling her know there is a place for her in the pop A List. One thing they had to have known was that this pop delight, this body that won’t quit, this personality that everyone from porn-addicted middle-aged men to teenage girls could fall in love with, doesn’t sing that well without computer assistance. How is the most important aspect of being a pop star not important?

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