Johnny’s ESPN-W BlogOver the past several months, I’ve been taking mental notes on the questions people have been asking me in media interviews, on Twitter or just between friends and I’ve decided to try to answer them all. So, here’s what’s going on with me right now.

My decision to take a break from competition for the rest of this year wasn’t an easy one, and in fact, it’s a bit of a long story. Leading up to my Grand Prix debut in Russia last November, I was very stressed about competing in front of an audience that I consider to be very much like a home audience because my husband, Victor, is Russian. I was also living by candlelight due to power outages from Hurricane Sandy and training at a foreign rink because mine was flooded. Somehow, with all this stress, I lost a lot of weight very quickly. Everyone I met seemed to comment on it and I didn’t realize how physically weak I was because of the amount of stress my brain and body were under.

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