Falls Church News-Press: I wake up, barely, and sloth my way through the apartment. I make a cup of coffee, check my phone for any late-night emails, texts, or breaking news. I finally open my email to find an endless amount of work messages, in addition to spam advertising Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, discount sheets, and a way to save a million dollars this year. Do I make a million dollars in a year? It takes me a moment to get through to my sleep-warped brain that I do not and that this advertisement is probably not right for me.

I rest on the email from my manager’s associate regarding my schedule for today: “Fitting for fashion show, noon, make-up for evening fashion show, one thirty, hair for fashion show, three thirty, car to fashion show, five thirty. On breaks, two work calls, write several blogs, cure Alzheimer’s, write a pop song and call your mother. Have a good day!”

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