Falls Church News-PressOne will be born. One will live. One will die. These three basic certainties bind us all in the same race to the finish line. There are other certainties we learn over time. In general, one must work hard to achieve something great. One must avoid jail by murdering another. One must accept, for the most part, that there will always be someone more attractive, wealthy, popular or stylish than you. An unfortunate and ever-increasing certainty is that you will be climbed on, and not in the good way.

Several recent events pushed me to write about this phenomenon. Someone hitting on both my husband and myself in a forceful manner in less than 30 minutes wanted a reality show. As I’m not the head of a TV network or a producer, this is something I cannot offer. Someone dressed up as a crazy at a very important fashion show tried to forge a friendship in five minutes to have her photo made with me and to exchange her third-row place card for a front-row exclusive seat. “Can I sit with you?” “I don’t think so, there’s already a major fashion stylist sitting in the seat you want, and I don’t even know you.”

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