Falls Church News-PressThe cell phone bleats an unwelcome tune. You’re sitting in the coffee shop, in traffic, in the bath, on your couch, at the office, in a fancy restaurant or any other conceivable place, aside from underwater. You look at the phone’s screen and make any assortment of bored, annoyed or perturbed noise to show the world, or the hundreds of people surrounding you (in your mind) that you are far too busy to answer this call. “Ugh, who even calls anymore? I’m so bothered.”

You click the nipple of a silence button and place the phone face down on the nearest surface. You stare at the phone in disgust, make yet another bored noise created in the pit of your voice box, and turn back to your rerun of “House Hunters.” You think to yourself, “I can call her tomorrow when I’m in a better frame of mind.” However, then you realize that it was your mother and you owe her the respect to reach out. You grab the sleek phone, flip it right side up, stare down to see that you in fact have two missed calls, and a voice mailbox with a newly minted 58th message, and open the text message icon.

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