Falls Church News-PressIf the average American’s life expectancy is somewhere between 75 and 80 years, that’s 75 to 80 years of collecting, nostalgia, memorabilia and inheritance.

While I was catching up on “Downton Abbey,” a scene struck a nerve. Two main characters were walking through a new home they’d purchased, and whilst the male fiancé gabbed about going shopping to decorate, the young lady character said that his set buys things while her set inherits them.

Of course, having never lived in England, I only vaguely understood the tone of “common” in the lady’s statement, but it did get me wondering about the things I’ve accumulated over the years (either through purchase or inheritance) and why I (or anyone else for that matter) collect.

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Johnny’s unique auction of fashion and skating memorabilia continues on Linda’s Stuff, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Trevor Project. Happy bidding!