Falls Church News-PressIt’s winter. Snow is falling, streets are icing over, and there are flu and meningitis epidemics all around. Since the beginnings of winter, and the human race, there have been attempts to combat against freezing temperatures and to keep a watch of personal health. What strikes me as interesting is how often people get sick, and how rarely people heed the warnings of grandmothers and medical geniuses alike who have cautioned that life is hard when it’s cold.

As a citizen of the world lucky enough to travel, I always try to learn as I go, whether I be picking up fashion, dietary, or health tips from the countries I visit. I recently returned from my 27th trip to Japan. For the first time I encountered snow in Tokyo, which sent the extremely organized public transportation into frenzy and, in terms of snow removal, showed how rare it is to have “big snow” in Tokyo.

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