Falls Church News -Press“Dear Mr. Johnny Weir,

“My name is XXXX and I’m 13. I wanna let u now that I am ur biggest fan and so is my mom. We watch all ur competishons and we just think ur the best. Cud you please send us an autograph? It wud mean a lot to me cuz your skating makes me really happy. I hope u have happy holidays and u have a great New Year and good luck in the olympics. Luv ya! XXXX”

I am a lucky man as I receive incredible letters every day. Whether they’re love letters or notes of simple encouragement, I take so much strength knowing there are people out there who support me. The example that starts this column was one such handwritten letter from a young girl in the Midwest. It arrived with a Photoshopped image of her from the breasts up, slathered in heavy eye makeup, a low cut top and a seductive look that was mildly inappropriate for a girl of 13.

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