The Fashion Spot: Johnny Weir is no stranger to the sartorial spotlight. The two-time Olympic Figure Skater and three-time U.S. National Champion is as famous off the ice as he is on, often for fabulous get-ups like this and this. And if you thought one human being could only be an ingénue at two things in life (in his case, skating and trendsetting), well, my friend, you’d be wrong.

This January, Weir takes to the small screen with a culinary motley crue on Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. Along with team members Chili (of TLC), Dean McDermott, and Cornelia Guest, Weir competes in a series of cooking challenges under the watchful eye of Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri to earn the title of Cook-Off champion and $50,000 for his charity of choice. Here, I catch up with the skating sensation about eating well and looking better.

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