Jackie Wong for Examiner: Four down, two to go. With the 2012 Rostelecom Cup completed over the weekend, this season’s Grand Prix Series has only two more competitions left before the series-ending Final. Now, I’m usually not the pessimist type, but still fresh on my mind are the uncharacteristically disappointing storylines that came out of the competition. So let’s take a look at those first, particularly,Johnny Weir‘s Rostelecom experience.

After a fairly solid return to competition at Finlandia, Rostelecom was not the Grand Prix comeback that Weir had hoped for. His short program was a struggle – a fall on a downgraded quad toe, a shaky landing on his triple axel, and then doubling both jumps in his triple lutz-triple toe combo. As it turned out, he was still suffering from the effects of an ACL injury he had in practice during his comeback preparation.

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