Falls Church News-Press: This column may be a bit more blog/journal than my previous columns, but some of the things that have transpired in the past week or so have led me to tell the first, I’m sure of many, tales from my life that are just too unbelievable not to tell.

I have been in Russia for the last eleven days. Russia has been my favorite destination since I began traveling there a decade ago. Mother Russia is a mixed bag of opulence and mystery with a slight taste of seedy black magic that terrorizes many American visitors.

When I arrived, I was surprised that Russia’s most popular television show, “Pust Govoryat” wanted to dedicate a piece to my career and to my taboo “gay” marriage. I do not consider myself an activist in any way, but when people like me are suppressed and I have an opportunity to shed some light and help, I try to do my best.

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