April 7, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

I know this has been and still is a whirlwind season for everyone. It’s been kind of crazy hasn’t it?!? In this journal entry I think I’m going to sort of recap my season and give you all the plans for this coming season.

So last season was kind of a downer in many ways for me. I think coming off of such a strong season in 2009/2010 I was expecting much more from myself. The main problem was that I didn’t put two strong programs together… ever. During my summer competitions I did great short programs and awful… and I mean awful long programs. I would get into my long program and it was start to go bad almost right away and I would try so hard to fix it that it made things worse. Then at my club’s competition I did a decent short and a better long. I thought things were headed on the right track finally! Finlandia Trophy brought a disaster of a short program that put me down into sixth. I then skated probably the best long program of my career to finish 2nd in the long and fourth overall, missing the podium by .01. Skate Canada also brought a mess of a short program and this time a pretty good long, it is actually my highest international long program score I believe. Right after that I had Sectionals… another bad short. Then, I skated another brilliant long program and finished 2nd. Nationals brought its own set of problems. I was finally able to put together a solid short program. Being in 10th wasn’t ideal, but I just wanted to skate well. Then… enter the flu!! The fact that I was able to skate with a 102 degree temperature and do as well as I did is an accomplishment in itself. However, for me 12th place is not acceptable!!

So for this season I have been working extremely hard already. In March, I went out to Delaware to work with the Performance Analysis camera and boy was that interesting! I looked like a little space man! From there I travelled to Colorado Springs to work with Kathy Casey on triple axels. I can finally do a skid! Lindsay and I worked really hard on this and it was not easy. I think that it is necessary though in order to have a consistent triple axel. And what do you know… the skid works! I’m really excited to be landing this jump pretty consistently so I will be having it in the short and two in the long. Quad Toes have been coming along nicely too!

I started choreography on my short program yesterday, but I’m not going to reveal the music until after Worlds. I will tell you though, that it is a piece that I’ve wanted to skate to really badly for the past few years now and I finally got my way! It is a slightly different version from the original but I think it makes it more personal and will give me a better connection with the judges/ audience. The program so far is brilliant. Jodie always does a great job for me, but this is her best work so far J I haven’t decided anything for the long so feel free to send along your suggestions!

Thanks for all of your support!