February 9, 2009

Hey everyone, itís me again, this time writing from my lovely new desk that we finally set up here in my apartment in Delaware, which is incredibly exciting for me.  What can I say, the past couple of months have been crazy, but Iíve really enjoyed every second of them.  I placed fourth in both of my Grand Prix assignments. Naturally, I am always going to want to be on top, but I know that sometimes it is the smaller accomplishments that make the largest difference.  I am pleased that everyone is beginning to notice a difference in my skating, which is something I have been striving for ever since I decided to switch to Priscilla.  I really lucked out also, because the Skating Club of Wilmington is such a friendly place, and the members are incredibly supportive of all of my endeavors.   Another exciting event happened recently, the addition of a new member to our family! No, no new brothers or sisters (thank goodness), but a new Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy. We call him Murphy, and he believes that he rules the roost, which is pretty cute coming from the little guy.  Needless to say, he is going to be a huge dog, so we should get that attitude out of him pretty fast! My other dog, Millie, seems pretty happy to have a new pal, and they have resorted to sharing the same tiny dog bed because of it. Iíll have to find a picture of it. Itís funny, because now I am beginning to see how new parents feel, and why all they do is brag about their kids!

Nationals was quite the event for me! After a disappointing short program, I knew that I would have to pull off something really strong and solid in order to pull myself up. I went out onto the ice knowing that I had nothing to lose, and I put myself into a mental place as if I was back home.  After the whole experience, I learned a lot about myself and what I am able to accomplish. Now I must say that even though I now know I can pull up eight places if I wanted to, I will NEVER put myself in that situation again. It wasnít really the most comfortable spot for me to be, I have to be honest.  After finishing up the competition I learned that I was still age eligible to compete at Junior Worlds, and because ideally I would like to have two Grand Prixs next year, I will represent the US in Sofia.  Iím training my new junior long, and I am beginning to miss that nice long spiral sequence! No worries though, Priscilla always makes sure that I have enough double run throughs under my belt that I should be fine in no time. Lucky me! Anyway, I am off to study for my government test, and I will write to you from Sofia, Bulgaria!




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