March 11, 2008

Hey again, I know itís been a while since I last wrote, Iíve been pretty busy!  In the past couple of months Iíve been to Nationals in St. Paul and Four Continents in Seoul, Korea. Itís been great, especially since I love traveling.  Nationals was such a fun experience. It was my senior debut, and I learned a lot from it. The crowds were amazing, it makes it so much easier to perform when you can tell that people are into the performances. Standing on the podium was so exhilarating. I felt a sense of accomplishment to know my hard work paid off. Next I was headed to Korea. My short wasnít my strongest, but I was very pleased with my long program. Now I am getting ready to head off to Sweden and I am so excited. Itís right over my spring break so I am not missing any school, and my whole family is coming. Skating has been going great. I am feeling really confident, hopefully it shows. Wish me luck! 




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