March 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my newly designed website. I decided to add a journal to help keep you updated on everything.

So the past few months have been very busy with Nationals, Four Continents, watching the Olympics, and catching up with school! I'll start with nationals. I placed eighth, which is one placement higher than the year before.

I was named to the Four Continents team and left the day after the long program to head to South Korea! It was a very long flight and then five hour bus ride to the Jeonju City. It was vevry difficult to compete the week after Nationals, but I still placed ninth. It was my first trip to Four continents and I had a great time. It was also the first time that my brother, Todd, and I traveled on an international together and since my mom didn't come it made me feel more comfortable to have family along. Overall, I had a great time and got some fun gifts from the Korean fans!

I came home and took the week off to catch up on sleep and school. I also watched the Olympics and that was very inspiring and everyone did a great job!  Next week, I have spring break and then I have a show in Chicago April 1st and another one in May. Then at the end of May is my high school graduation - I can't wait!

That's all for now! Thank you everyone for all your support!

Alexe Gilles :)

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